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PSO launches fuel smart cards Striving to provide ever greater value to its customers,

Striving to provide ever greater value to its customers, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has reached yet another technological milestone by introducing chip-based smart cards. These fuel cards are the first of their kind to be launched by any OMC in Pakistan.

The formal launch ceremony was organised under the theme of “Your World Just Got Smarter!” at DHA Golf Club, Karachi. The launch event featured high-profile guests and decision makers from across the corporate sector. The event highlights included performance by the country’s leading musical band as well as a laser show by a foreign artist.

Introduced with the objective of providing increased convenience for PSO card customers, these fuel cards incorporate added security features in the form of chip-based encryption technology which secures all customer information residing in the chip from unauthorised access. Usage of these cards will benefit corporate customers by facilitating administrative supervision, economising fuel expenses and selection of customised cards options. Speaking at the occasion, CEO & MD PSO, Naeem Yahya said, “Through the launch of this Smart Card, PSO has further underlined its standing as a customer-centric company which is continually introducing new products and services to provide ever greater benefits to the consumers at large.” During his speech the MD also reiterated PSO’s vision of transforming itself into an integrated Energy Company.-PR Business Recorder, 2013

PSO Fleet and Corporate Cards are fuel based cards specifically designed for organizations/individuals who want to manage their fuel expenses systematically. This unique proposition was introduced in 2003 in the fuel market for the first time by PSO. Both Fleet & Corporate Cards have pre-approved credit limit provided by company/fleet owners or individuals as per their requirement. PSO Fleet & Corporate Card is a fuel management solution that helps in growing business to manage and control their fuel expenses in an efficient way.

Fleet & Corporate Cards are similar in their usage but are designed for specific need of the customer.

PSO Fleet Card
PSO Fleet Card is a vehicle specific card that enables you to track the consumption of each vehicle. Vehicle registration number is embossed on every Card for tracking and identification purposes. Fleet Card is equivalent to a customized credit card for Fleet Management where customers can set limit and products for purchasing fuel in advance.

PSO Corporate Card
PSO Corporate Card is a smart way to track individual spend profile. It is a personalized card with pre-approved credit limit provided by the employer. Corporate Card has the Employer and Employee name embossed on the Card for effective management and control.

Who is it for?
PSO Fleet and Corporate Card is specifically designed for:

Business Entities (Corporate Sector, Small and Medium Enterprises)
The Fleet Management Solution is for companies who want to manage their pool vehicles and reduce their administrative cost. The companies can use this Card to control misuse and pilferage by fleet-drivers and employees as complete transaction details are provided with the monthly statement.
Corporate Executives
Managers and Officers
Sales Force

Product wise configuration of the card (Petrol, HOBC, Diesel, CNG, Lubricants)
Assign monthly or yearly limit on card
Assign daily or weekly limits
Product wise monthly limit option
Limit transaction frequency in a day
Restrict card to all PSO outlets, specific outlets or geographical locations
Restrict card usage to specific days
Carry forward your previous months’ balance limit to the following month (2 options available)


• You can customize the card by ensuring various controls such as limiting the card to daily, weekly or monthly usage.
Economize fuel expenses
Advantage of pre-approved credit limit
Vehicle Registration Number embossed on the Card to counter for misuse.
Personalized Corporate Card for managing monthly fuel-entitlement
Refueling cost and time saving at station
Reduces risk of cash-handling
Flexibility of using employer-designated PSO retail outlet or all participating PSO outlets
Accumulation of PSO Loyalty Points and availing all benefits of PSO Loyalty Card
Issuance of up to 3 supplementary cards against a single Corporate Card.

Elimination of paper work as well as cumbersome reconciliation at organizations
Access to CIP lounge for Corporate Cardholders
Discounts at Auto Car Wash by presenting your card.

PSO Supplementary Corporate Card
With PSO Supplementary Corporate Card, one can share the power; privilege and benefits of the Primary Corporate Card. PSO Corporate Cardholders can share the limit of their card with their family members, friends or anyone they choose. The limits on supplementary card are shared from the limits of the Primary Corporate Card. The features of Supplementary Cards are highlighted below:

Corporate Cardholders can make up to 3 Supplementary Cards.
Supplementary Cards are linked to the Privilege Loyalty Card of the Primary Corporate Card.
Loyalty points earned against Supplementary Cards are automatically accumulated on the Privilege Loyalty Card of the Primary Corporate Card.
All terms and conditions applicable to Corporate Card are applicable for Supplementary Card.
Any credit revision (increase/decrease) on a Primary Corporate Card will effect the credit limit of the Supplementary Cards
If a Primary PSO Corporate Card is blocked for any reason, all the linked cards i.e. PSO Supplementary Corporate Card and Primary Loyalty Cards will also be blocked.
If a Supplementary Card is lost or misplaced, the same procedure is to be followed as that of the Primary PSO Corporate Card.

Application Processing for Fleet & Corporate Cards
To apply for PSO Fleet Card you can do one of the following:

Download the application form for New Account by Clicking Here
Call Customer Services at 0800-03000 to get your application processed

How much does it cost?
PSO Fleet & Corporate Card is available for our customers at a minimal cost:
First time application-processing charges per card is Rs. 100/-.
Charges for issuance of replacement (lost or damaged card) for the second time are Rs. 100/-
Renewal of a card is free of cost
Customers are required to pay Security Deposit depending on their financial position.
A nominal service charge of 1.65% on monthly consumption will be charged each month.
A late payment surcharge of 2% is applicable

Additional Features
Billing Summary At the end of each month, a computerized consolidated Monthly Billing Statement will be sent to the Authorized Signatory along with a self-addressed envelope. The billing statement will contain all the previous months’ transaction history.

Fleet Management Solution Fleet card statements would reflect odometer reading against each fill.*

Documents Required
Company Profile
Audited financials
Bank Statement

Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
Security Deposit equivalent to 100% consumption amount is required

Note: A minimum number of 5 cards are issued for Business Entities Terms and conditions apply for individuals.

*Please ensure that correct odometer reading is given to the pump attendant.

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